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Costco Is Recalling This Kirkland Product Due to Mold

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There is no more recognizable name in the warehouse club industry than Costco, which boasts an astounding 119 million members and 840 facilities globally. For an annual membership fee, the company provides customers with a comprehensive selection of bulk goods and a real one-stop shopping experience.

Customers of Costco are likely already familiar with Kirkland Signature, the retailer’s very own “generic” line of products that includes anything from clothing to food. “Costco’s equivalency brand is Kirkland. Really, it refers to Costco “According to Christopher Durham, president of Retail Brands Institute, a trade organization that advocates for the private brand market, CNN recently.

Customers particularly enjoy Kirkland’s range of organic hummus, which has been rated as one of the best hummuses sold in supermarkets. Unfortunately, the business recently let customers know that it will be taking one of its flavor-infused hummus off the market because of a problem with the topping.

Due to a mold problem with the pine nut topping, Costco is recalling a batch of its Kirkland Signature Pine Nut Hummus. The affected goods may have been picked up by customers between September 21 and October 18, and it can be recognized by the label “Best Before NOV 26 2022” on top of the container.

Costco advises returning any potentially impacted merchandise to one of its stores for a complete refund.

Between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST, customers can contact Shelly Brown, the quality control manager at Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods, via phone (978-372-8010 Ext 2221) or email ([email protected]).

A food safety recall is always concerning, but as this case demonstrates, even industry giants like Costco occasionally experience food disasters. Leading supermarket giant ALDI was forced to withdraw two falafel items earlier this month due to E. coli worries.

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