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James Corden Is “Unbanned” From NYC Restaurant After “Apologizing Profusely” For Rude Behavior

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James Corden Is Unbanned From NYC Restaurant After Apologizing Profusely For Rude Behavior

The comedian was chastised on social media after a string of rants at the famed French brasserie.

Keith McNally, a well-known New York City chef, announced on Instagram on Monday that he has banned British comedian James Corden from his Manhattan restaurant Balthazar for reported extremely unpleasant behavior with waiters and staff.

McNally defended his staff, calling the presenter of The Late Late Show with James Corden a “hugely skilled comic, but a small Cretin of a man…and the most unpleasant customer to my Balthazar servers since the restaurant began 25 years ago.”

“I don’t frequently 86 a customer, but I did it today with Corden. I didn’t laugh at it “The article continues. In the restaurant industry, the term “86’d” refers to either a dish being removed from the menu or a patron being denied service.

Corden was clearly taken aback by the Instagram post and the high-profile restaurant ban. McNally gave an update less than eight hours after the original tweet, informing everyone that Corden had called and “apologized sincerely.”

“…Anyone who is gracious enough to apologize to a slacker like myself (and my crew) does not deserve to be barred from anywhere. Balthazar in particular. So, Jimmy Corden, Jimmy Corden, come back to the 5 & Dime. Everything has been forgiven “the update says

Keith McNally, nicknamed the “Restaurateur Who Invented Downtown” by The New York Times, has been a fixture on New York City’s restaurant scene for decades. It turns out that his social media presence has some clout as well. But what sparked this celebrity cooking showdown in the first place?

According to McNally’s original post, Corden was involved in two incidents at Balthazar. The first incident happened in June of this year, when Corden apparently discovered a hair in his sandwich.

“Corden brought the hair to Balthazar manager G., who apologized profusely. Corden was a total jerk.” McNally goes on to say that Corden wanted “another round of drinks this second” while threatening to “write terrible reviews” online.

By October 2022, Corden had returned to Balthazar.

“Mr. Corden’s wife ordered a salad and an egg yolk omelette with gruyere cheese. A few minutes after they had their dinner, James contacted their waiter, M. K., and informed her that there was some egg white mixed in with the egg yolk “McNally elaborates.

Corden apparently became agitated when the omelette was served with home fries rather than a salad as a side “yelling at the server, saying, “You can’t do your job!” You are incapable of performing your duties! Maybe I should walk into the kitchen and make my own omelette!”

McNally reports Corden calmed down after a visit from the restaurant manager and a few complimentary glasses of champagne, but “M.K. (the server) was really rattled, but professional that she is, she continued to finish her shift.”

Keith McNally has had his fair share of controversy. In recent years, the restaurateur has stirred eyebrows by defending Woody Allen and praising Roman Polansky. Allen’s daughter Dylan Farrow accuses him (but does not prosecute him) of child abuse, whereas Polanski was arrested and charged with statutory rape in 1979.

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