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Jesse Williams, 41, Lives by These Healthy Habits

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Dr. Jackson Avery practices good self-care and exercise routines.

Let’s face it, “Grey’s Anatomy” character Dr. Jackson Avery is a complete smoke show. Fans are quite excited that he will shortly visit Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital once more. The fifth episode of the ABC drama’s 19th season, which premieres on November 3, will be directed by and feature a guest appearance by Dr. Avery—real name Jesse Williams—according to Deadline.

If you’re wondering what the actor has been doing since his heart-stopping appearance on “Grey’s Anatomy” donning his lab coat costume, he’s been killing it on Broadway in “Take Me Out.” Williams’ performance in the play may have even included some leaked nude photos, and Sunny Hostin, co-host of “The View,” had a lot to say about it. Hostin states, “Jesse Williams has a perfect physique. He is stunning, his figure is amazing, and—this is serious—at least 20 of my friends have already purchased tickets as a result of what they witnessed ” (via NBC News).

Williams also practices a healthy lifestyle with ease. Continue reading to learn more about them, and be sure to check out the following article to understand how Mark Wahlberg, 51, stays fit.

Jesse Williams is committed to his exercise routine and works with a personal trainer and nutritionist.

Jesse Williams takes excellent care of his body to maintain outstanding form despite his demanding schedule as an actor. He finds time to meditate, exercise, and receive acupuncture. According to him, “eating well and getting enough sleep was a priority I established early for myself.”

The celebrity also provides a brief overview of his meditation routine, stating, “After every performance, my niece and nephew gave me this handcrafted, lovely, colorful Papier mâché box so I wouldn’t have to carry about my negative emotions. It was really lovely. It actually connects to a quick grounding meditation I perform after each event.”

Jesse Williams regularly visits the gym and works out with a trainer in terms of fitness. “I work with Yaw Owusu, a fantastic personal trainer and nutritionist, four times a week one-on-one. We engage in intense, serious athletic training. I follow a pretty strict eating schedule, but it’s not too onerous because there are lots of protein and carbs in it. I don’t eat birds or anything, “Williams opined.

He takes good care of himself.

The two-time high school teacher and parent practices a lot of self-care. According to Jesse Williams, The Unwind “I see a therapist. I believe it to be really significant; it has changed my life. My favorite. I regularly practice meditation. With the way I use my phone and how it affects my life and my relationships, I’ve established a sort of minimal distance.”

When asked what he believes self-care to be, the 41-year-old actor replies that it’s all about bettering oneself and making the time to unwind. “It also entails putting the phone down. “It means reading more and more about self-improvement, and I have better access and understanding of myself as a human being, as a man, as a father, as a spouse, as a person,” he says. Additionally, it means that I will once again be able to relax on the couch and watch television without feeling bad about it. I’m a workaholic; I never stop working.”

He also says that he has learned how to be lenient with himself “Recently, I’ve grown more at ease with just giving myself a break. It’s okay to just take a seat. It’s acceptable to only read fiction. It’s fine to just chat for two hours with an old acquaintance I haven’t seen or spoken to in a while.”

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