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Home » The secret to making a perfect fried-chicken sandwich, according to a professional chef

The secret to making a perfect fried-chicken sandwich, according to a professional chef

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The secret to making a perfect fried-chicken sandwich, according to a professional chef

Welcome to Clubhouse Eats, a celebration of the delicious food and beverages featured in the game. I hope you brought some food.

Anyone who enjoys fried chicken? essentially nobody

Who prepares it at home, though? basically the same

The procedure could be confusing and frightening. extensive work. lots of cleaning.

It makes sense why so many of us avoid it.

The chef and proprietor of Horn Barbecue, a James Beard Award finalist for best new restaurant in the nation, is Matt Horn. Horn Barbecue is located in Oakland, California. He enjoys playing golf a lot. He frequently spends his free time frying chicken at his new Oakland location, Kowbird, a counter-service restaurant that offers a variety of Southern-style chicken meals, while he is not smoking drives or smoking brisket.

We requested Horn to provide the recipe for his favourite “Southern Bird” sandwich as well as advice on how to fried chicken at home.

Dark or Light Meat?

Horn asserts that “light meat is fantastic for salad, grilling, or roasting.” If you want to cook, though? thighs and legs. The chef argues that dark meat is better than white meat because it is more tasty, moister, and durable.

Which Type of Batter Is Best?

Flour will always be Horn’s preferred ingredient for breading. It is the traditional method of frying chicken. He uses seasoned AP flour in his kitchen. Buttermilk is the best option for the batter since it offers moisture and a depth of flavour.

Common Home Mistakes

Under-frying. According to Horn, “the colour of the chicken might be misleading” regarding how done the chicken is. A thermometer is a cheap but essential purchase. “It is crucial that you finish your chicken at 165 degrees,” she said.

How to Make Less Mess

Use two large zip-lock bags: one for the batter or “dredge,” and the other for the seasoned flour. Horn employs a deep fryer at Kowbird, a kitchen appliance that not many home cooks own. Horn advises substituting a large cast iron skillet if you don’t have one. Your oil should be 350 degrees. Lay the chicken on the side of the pan that is furthest from you when you add it to the hot oil. Any hot oil splash will be reduced as a result.

Making instructions for Chef Horn’s Southern Bird

Rub a bird

Lawry’s season salt, 1 cup

50g powdered mustard

paprika, 32g

onion powder, 47g

58g power of garlic

Black pepper 40g

50g salt

Spiced Flour




2 percent garlic granules

2 percent onion granules

Coconut Brine

Buttermilk, 1 gallon

6 eggs

bird rub


1) Buttermilk-brine chicken thighs for two nights.

2) Put the chicken on the baking sheet and let some of the moisture evaporate so the dredging will stick.

3) Coat the chicken with flour by pressing firmly.

4) Fry for 11 minutes in canola or peanut oil at 300 degrees.

5) Make a potato bun toasty.

6) To taste, spread high-quality mayo on the bun.

7) Put pickles on the thigh’s top.

8) Enjoy!

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