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How Much You Can Expect to Pay for a Good Set of Golf Clubs

How Much You Can Expect to Pay for a Good Set of Golf Clubs

A round of golf is a costly endeavour when compared to team sports like basketball or soccer. However, a smart shopping approach might assist you in locating a decent set of golf clubs within your budget. I outline the price range for a decent set of clubs in this article.

Your decisions are influenced by your skill level and preferences. Your budget ultimately determines how you proceed, though. Depending on your demands, I’ve drawn out a guide that will give you an estimate of what you might pay for a set of clubs.

What Is the Price of a Quality Set of Golf Clubs?

Beginners (New vs Used)

You must begin by completely stocking your bag as a beginner. Buying a full set is the simplest option. This saves you the trouble of finding each club separately, but it has drawbacks. Complete sets of golf clubs come with stock shafts and lofts that might not work for your swing.

Additionally, full sets only include a small number of golf clubs. Usually, a titanium driver is placed first, followed by a 3-wood. Some bundles also come with a 5-wood, but a 4- and 5-hybrid are more typical.

The cost of a complete set of golf clubs varies. It depends on the brand and the bag’s material composition. For instance, the 12-piece Callaway Strata set sells for $370, while the 16-piece version costs $580.

On the other hand, a set of used golf clubs can cost anywhere from $250 to $600. The golf clubs’ state, brand, and quantity of pieces in the set all go into this decision.

the mid-handicapper (New vs Used)

At this point, intermediate golfers should have a full set of clubs. As a result, you can switch out your equipment at different points. For instance, you might begin with a fresh set of irons. After that, a putter, woods, and wedges.

Individual club purchases could result in a higher overall cost. It does, however, provide you the freedom to get the best measurements for your golf swing.

Before I get into used choices, let me break down the price of a new set of clubs. a new driver for golf.

For golfers with a midhandicap, a brand-new driver runs between $350 and $600, while a fairway wood goes for $180 to $280 per piece. In addition, a hybrid costs $150 to $300 each piece, but a pair of irons costs $380 to $1000.

Beginners should expect to pay between $80 to $230 for a pitching, sand, or lob wedge, depending on the brand and quality. Last but not least, a brand-new putter costs between $100 and $250. An intermediate golfer will therefore pay between $1300 and $2000 for an average set.

On the other hand, the table below illustrates how much each style of club costs. A pre-owned collection costs between $680 to $1500, as opposed to a new set.

Club Price (New) Price (Pre-owned)
Driver $350 – $600 $80 – $300

Fairway Wood $180 – $280 $70 – $250
Hybrids $150 – $300 $50 – $250
Iron Set $380 – $1000 $360 – $760
Wedges $80 – $230 $30 – $180
Putter $100 – $250 $90 – $200

Advanced (New vs Used)

A hybrid driver, fairway wood, and club all cost the same as their intermediate equivalents. The irons are the item where prices fluctuate. Superior golfers often favour the soft feel of blades and their forged design. These irons encourage the most workability and spin possible for approach control.

Due to the absence of a cavity, blades are often referred to as muscle back irons. As a result of the smaller sweet spot, they offer less forgiveness than game enhancement irons. These irons must be carefully crafted because they are formed from a single piece of steel.

In addition, forged irons cost more than game-improving clubs that are loaded with technology. Consequently, you should budget between $1300 and $2000 for a set of irons that includes a pitching wedge and gap.

A new set of clubs for people with low handicaps will cost between $2500 and $3500, according to the chart below. On the other hand, you should budget between $1400 and $2700 for a set of used golf equipment.

Club Price (New) Price (Pre-owned)
Driver $350 – $600 $80 – $300
Fairway Wood $180 – $280 $70 – $250
Hybrids $150 – $300 $50 – $250
Iron Set $1300 – $2000 $1000 – $1500
Wedges $80 – $230 $30 – $180
Putter $150 – $300 $100 – $200

Driver Beginner, by Club and Skill Level

High handicap golfers looking for forgiveness and consistency off the tee might consider the Callaway Big Bertha B21. The centre of gravity (CG) was positioned low and forward by the engineers to lower the backspin rpm and promote a high-launching ball.

The B21 driver also has a draw bias profile designed to reduce right-handers’ left-to-right side spin. Because of this, your driver discourages slices and encourages a straight golf ball to fly.

Finally, a Flash Face created by A. I works to quicken the ball’s movement across the driver face. This aids in encouraging maximum velocity on all shots to get more yardage off the tee.

The Big Bertha B21 driver is a mid-priced driver according to Callaway, listed at $350.


A CNC Milled Infinity Face can be found on a Cobra Speedzone Extreme driver. It increases the active zone that generates quick ball speed by 95%. This characteristic improves your coefficient of restitution (C.O.R. ), which causes the ball to travel farther and faster off the tee.

Additionally, the Aero-Zone Speedback form encourages the fastest possible clubhead speed, and the low CG encourages high launching shots. Last but not least, a T-bar Steel structure improves moment of inertia and stability for consistent ball speed (M.O.I). This driver ultimately achieves distance without compromising forgiveness.


The new Callaway Rogue ST Max LS is designed for elite golfers who want to control backspin on tee strokes and improve their shots. Callaway was able to guarantee acceptable workability despite a high MOI that increases forgiveness.

Additionally, the Jailbreak Speed Frame, which was created by artificial intelligence, increases stability across the clubface to optimise ball speed. As a result, all of your shots have the ideal distance and consistency. Last but not least, a hosel that is adjustable allows you to adjust the loft and lie of the clubface to achieve the launch that you want.

Beginner Fairway Woods

Maximum forgiveness, a high launch, and a mid-low spin off the clubface are all produced by the TaylorMade SIM 2 Max. They are therefore the perfect partner for high handicappers who are seeking consistency.

The CG is pushed down by multi-material construction to promote high launching shots. A Thru-Slot Speed Pocket additionally quickens the ball.

To deliver straighter shots, a C300 Twist Face limits side spin. Last but not least, these fairway woods come in lofts of 15, 16, 5, 18, and 24 degrees.


Affordable fairway wood with a focus on ball speed and forgiveness is the Cobra RADSPEED. As a result, it works for golfers with a midhandicap who want more yards without compromising forgiveness.

The fairway wood’s sweet spot is expanded by a CNC Milled Infinity Face to preserve ball speed and lessen spin on all strikes. Straight golf shots with plenty of distance result from this.


To push the speed of the ball beyond what is permitted, Callaway created the Epic Max. A.I Velocity Blades and high strength maraging steel combine to make this possible. Advanced players will value the extra yards that the Epic Max gives them for their long game.

You can customise the weight system to change how the clubface is set up. For maximum forgiveness, you can add weight to the back of the fairway wood. On the other hand, adding weight to your front end reduces your launch and spin for a penetrating trajectory.

Hybrids Beginner

The low CG and baffler technology of the F9 Speedback are impressive. This collaboration encourages a strong launch, and baffler technology enhances turf engagement. The sole glides quickly through the turf to strike the ball cleanly from any lie thanks to the superior turf interaction.

This hybrid also has a larger clubhead, which raises MOI. This indicates that it prevents twisting during your swing to maintain a square clubface at contact. Straight shots are produced, increasing accuracy.

Simply put, it launches high and straight and is forgiving of missed shots. precisely what novices require in their hybrids.


On our list, the Taylormade SIM Max line is featured once more. This time, the powerful, forgiving hybrid range is in play.

Golfers with typical swing speeds are designed standard flex custom graphite shafts. This group includes a lot of midhandicappers.

To avoid the club digging into the ground on the downswing, the SIM Max V Steel Sole maximises turf interaction. Additionally, the Twist Face technology encourages straighter shots while the C300 steel clubface stimulates maximum ball speed.


The 0211 Hybrid was created by PXG to be useful for golfers of all ability levels. However, players with lower handicaps who want a lower launch will benefit from the firm shaft.

The HT1770 stainless steel clubface also produces quick ball speed over a bigger span of the face for steady yards.

Lower CG and higher MOI are the effects of a railed sole geometry. Together, they enable straight, long shots with a high trajectory and a square clubface upon impact. Finally, by reducing vibrations, the Honeycomb TPE Insert guarantees a smooth experience.

Irons Beginner

Although hybrids are not for every golfer, they provide the excellent forgiveness that novices require. The Powerbilt EX-550 irons, which are cheap, straight, and forgiving, are my choice.

Growing up, my best friend used Powerbilt irons and went on to excel at the game. I’m trying to make the argument that there’s nothing wrong with this less well-known company.

The hybrid clubs in the EX-550 set range from your 4-iron to your pitching wedge. The package comes with a sand wedge, however it is made in the typical wedge fashion. High MOI is produced by their hollow-body construction for straight, accurate shots.


The PXG 0211 irons have a remarkable coefficient of restitution, which guarantees constant ball speed on every blow. In spite of catching the ball in the heel or toe, this helps the ordinary golfer keep up distance.

Additionally, an Angled Top Rail structure places the CG close to the face’s centre to increase MOI. Your irons work to square up through contact as a result, resulting in straighter approach shots.


Tiger Woods and Collin Morikawa are two athletes whose names are connected to the Taylormade P770 line. These players’ irons were made by TaylorMade with a modern twist on the classic muscle-back design.

These irons were designed with game-improvement technology to boost feel and ball speed. Additionally, they enable accomplished players a measure of forgiveness without impairing your shot-shaping abilities.

Wedges Beginner

Wilson Harmonized wedges offer a straightforward, budget-friendly design to help high handicap players with their short game.

You can open the clubface and get beneath the ball to launch it high by using a varied sole grind. You can quickly stop the ball on the green and rise and fall with this trajectory.

Additionally, a long-lasting anti-glare finish improves your comfort and lessens interruptions while you’re speaking. The Harmonized set also includes a 60-degree lob, a 56-degree sand wedge, and a 52-degree gap wedge.


The Mack Daddy 5 Jaws wedges exhibit a wonderful harmony of control, forgiveness, and spin. Golf has five-sole grind options for every situation and approach angle. A seamless transition from your 9-iron and pitching wedge to your gap, sand, and lob is also provided by the design of each wedge’s head.

For greater amounts of spin, the developers used Groove-In-Groove Technology to produce sharp edges. This encourages better control around the green for better success with chips and pitches.

The lofts of the Mack Daddy 5 Jaws wedges are 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees.


A stylish line of clubs with great spin and high MOI is the Vokey SM8 Tour Chrome wedges. The feel and control they produce are ideal for a great greenside experience.

Spin You can stop the ball quickly close to the cup with the help of milled grooves, which steal the show and maximise backspin rpm. Additionally, having a forward CG boosts MOI to maintain a square and stable clubhead throughout impact.

Putters Beginner

The Harmonized M5 Jumbo was created by Wilson to provide new players with a quick forward roll, high MOI, and a larger alignment aid. High handicappers may create consistent speed control and accuracy on all putts because to the combination of these elements.


The well-known Odyssey White Hot OG 2 Ball putter is a premium model built to consistently produce topspin and forward roll on all strikes. The two-ball feature also offers a powerful alignment help to keep you on course.


The Select Newport putter was designed by Scotty Cameron to provide elite golfers with great feel, control, and forward roll. Additionally, traditionalists will like the clean, timeless appearance that the blade construction offers.

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