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6 golf tips to help golfers shape shots on command

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6 golf tips to help golfers shape shots on command

For the best advice on efficiently shaping the ball, we went through the GolfPass archives.

Few things in golf are more satisfying than picturing the ideal shape for a shot and executing it. I’m really excellent at shaping pictures in all directions, but I’m not as good at making them take the shape I had in mind. But we can all do better. I’ve compiled six of GolfPass’s top shot-shaping suggestions to assist us in doing this.

1. The Goldilocks driving drill

This Clay Ballard driving tip on shot shape is a straightforward idea that is enjoyable to practise and will improve shot shaping with the big stick. Trial and error is frequently a fantastic method to locate the swing that is just right, just like Goldilocks and her porridge.

2. Working the ball—drawing and fading

This Devan Bonebrake piece from The Golf Fix is excellent because it takes golfers to the course and demonstrates the right mental process and execution for the tee box.

3. Refine your mid-iron game.

Before the swing, a lot of shot shaping success takes place. In the second part of this clip from Build A Better Game: Through The Bag, John Montgomery offers a fantastic visualisation method that will improve golfers’ ability to see strokes. When hitting draws or fades, it’s sometimes best to just let natural athleticism take over; following advice will help.

4. Draw with a high trajectory

I had to select a video from the Rory McIlroy series that only discusses how to shape shots in various directions. This one deconstructs his most well-known shot, the high draw.

5. Be imaginative with your practise.

The next two suggestions are enjoyable ways to increase range imagination, which, in my opinion, is ultimately what distinguishes a great shot maker. Bubba Watson’s ability to shape the ball was developed through spotting shots and making them rather than through technical swing considerations. It’s crucial to have fun and just be a kid while playing golf because it’s challenging and practise can be boring.

Play holes on the range as a sixth tip.

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