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The 10 Best Golf Balls for a Straighter Shot [2022 Guide]

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Best Golf Balls for a Straighter Shot

This shocking number leads to a tonne of lost golf balls, penalty strokes, and general frustration on the golf course! There is hope if you encounter a banana slice or the dreaded duck hook.

The majority of golf ball manufacturers produce certain golf balls that aid with erroneous tee shots. You’ll have a straighter ball flight if you use these kinds of golf balls. Here are our top ten selections.

Ten of the Best Golf Balls for Straighter Flight

1. Golf Balls with Self-Correcting Straight Flight from Polara

Give the Polara Ultimate Straight balls a try if you are in desperate need of a straighter ball flight. For well than 50 years, Polara has assisted golfers with directional problems. In midair, these golf balls will self-correct, changing the sidespin to more of a backspin.

The ultimate straight golf balls from Polora were put to the test by Rick Shiels, who is well-known for his golf-related YouTube videos. Shiels was surprised by how straight these golf balls went, particularly considering that he was aiming to hook or slice them. This just serves to demonstrate that investing in Polara golf balls will pay off in straighter shots.


  • decreases slicing and hooking by up to 75%
  • allows golfers to shoot lower scores and hit more fairways
  • Fewer misses on target equals fewer golf balls lost.
  • Simple to use on the course by simply aiming the golf ball’s arrow in the direction of your intended goal.
  • Golf balls with less aerodynamic lift than standard balls have a lower but straighter ball flight off the tee.


  • The unique self-correcting technology means that this ball won’t travel as far as a distance ball.
  • expensive $3.75 per golf ball investment
  • considered unlawful for use in official tournament play by the USGA and PGA
  • Price per dozen: $44.95

2. Golf balls by Titleist Velocity

Attention all ardent Titleist supporters who have trouble with hooks or slices! The ideal golf ball for you is this one! You get the great performance and feel that you’ve come to expect from such a well-known brand with the Titleist Velocity. The Velocity’s most appealing feature is that it is nearly half as expensive as the Titleist Pro V1.


  • Maximum distance off the tee thanks to the LSX core’s greater speed
  • Additionally, the exclusive NAZ+ cover increases ball speed without compromising softness on and near the greens.
  • You can attain a higher and straighter ball flight by using the 350 octahedral dimple pattern.
  • offered in four colours
  • keeps all of the larger clubs, such as the driver and fairway woods, spinning at a moderate pace.
  • Exceptional bargain for a renowned brand like Titleist at around $2.50 per ball.


  • For golfers with slow swing speeds, the compression rating might not be low enough.
  • Price per dozen: $29.99

3. Golf balls made by Bridgestone called e12 Contact

In addition to producing excellent tyres, Bridgestone also produces excellent golf balls. The e12 contact is designed specifically to fly straight only. The unique Contact Force dimples enhance all shots by reducing slices and correcting hooks.


  • At impact, there is an efficient transfer of energy between the club head and the golf ball.
  • A soft feel facilitates easier chipping and putting.
  • Straight flight with less sidespin off the tee
  • designed by the top Research & Development Team at Bridgestone.
  • Endorsed by Matt Kuchar, Lexi Thompson, Bryson DeChambeau, and Tiger Woods


  • a little bit harder than the Bridgestone e6 variant
  • Price per dozen: $29.97

4. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

The Callaway Supersoft is an outstanding golf ball in every way. It lives up to its reputation for being incredibly long, incredibly straight, and incredibly soft. At just a little bit more than $2 per ball, the cost is also difficult to beat.


  • A cost-effective choice from a reputed company like Callaway
  • Ball speed, durability, and launch are all improved by hybrid covers.
  • The ball flies higher and straighter with less drag thanks to hex aerodynamics.
  • For golfers with sluggish swing rates, a low compression rating of 38 is suitable.
  • All short game shots have an incredibly soft feel.


  • Too soft for people with slow or quick swinging speeds
  • Price per dozen: $24.97

5. Wilson Ultra 500 Straight Golf Ball

We must confess that we have a slight preference for Wilson golf balls. They don’t cost an arm and a leg, and they fly straight and far. Wilson has been around for a while, and they support Gary Woodland, the 2019 U.S. Open champion, further solidifying their reputation.


  • a two-piece ball with different technologies that eliminate sidespin and produce a straight ball flight
  • Titanium serves as the core, and it has been demonstrated to boost ball speed at contact, resulting in greater distance.
  • The cut proof cover achieves the ideal mix between toughness and playability.
  • Amazingly low cost of just $1.40 per ball


  • Compression grade of 90 is perhaps too high for high handicappers and slower swing speeds.
  • Price: $20.98 for a 15-pack.

6. Premium FLIGHTPATH Golf Balls

When you play golf again, you might want to give this new brand a try. In order to land more frequently in the middle of the fairway, Flightpath has made the Tracer model golf ball fly straight. If Flightpath turns out to be the hottest thing in golf, it wouldn’t surprise us.


  • With three layers instead of only two, this ball has more softness, which improves wedge stroke accuracy.
  • The outer urethane cast shell endures remarkably well and generates the ideal amount of spin.
  • Off the tee, a high-speed centre core increases distance.
  • This ball is simple to identify on the course because to its glossy white colour.
  • Having a shot with a regular ball flight is provided by a large dimple design.


  • Just released; there is only one Amazon review at this time
  • Price per dozen: $24.99

7. Golf Balls Maxfli StraightFli

Unlike Titleist or Bridgestone, the Maxfli brand doesn’t run as many advertising, thus some golfers may not be familiar with them. Maxfli, however, has been producing premium golf balls for more than 80 years. According to scientific testing, the Maxfli StraightFli goes 20% straighter than standard golf balls.


  • 374 large and small dimples make up an original dimple pattern that will further enhance ball flight.
  • These golf balls have a straight, lengthy flight.
  • The ideal balance of spin rate, toughness, feel, and control is achieved with ionomer covers.
  • regarded as legal for USGA competitions
  • available in a range of hues


  • not offered in the typical 12-pack like other manufacturers
  • $50.76 for a 24 pack (matte orange color)

8. ELIXR Tour Ball at ONCORE Golf

Another brand that is somewhat unheard of yet is worthwhile to try is this one. To compete with expensive golf balls like the TaylorMade TP5 and Titleist Pro V1, Oncore created the ELIXR. Golf Digest’s 2019 Hot List awards gave the ELIXR a gold medal, demonstrating its viability.


  • built specifically for a low spin rate with the driver to increase tee shot accuracy
  • All iron shots should have a moderate to high spin rate, which also helps to boost accuracy.
  • Excellent option for blustery golf days
  • Urethane coating feels soft yet holds up well.
  • Excellent value at just $2.50 per ball.


  • For golfers with slower swing speeds, an 85 compression rating can be too high.
  • On pitches and chips, several people have complained that it doesn’t spin enough.
  • Price per dozen: $29.99 (Lime Green)

9. Premium Piper Green Golf Golf Balls

Although Piper golf balls have only recently entered the market, they are already generating a lot of talk. For those with slower swing rates, the Piper Green two-piece ball is a great option.

Another cool feature of this ball is that it comes with an alignment tool in four different colours from Piper (black, blue, gold, and green). Make sure the colour corresponds to the pace of your swing. For instance, the gold and black are for quick swing rates, while the green is for medium swing speeds.


  • Built to provide the most distance possible off the tee
  • a fantastic deal at only $2.50 apiece
  • Your putting accuracy is increased with the aid of alignment.
  • The Dupont Surlyn Cover is exceptionally strong and feels great.
  • made to spin at a moderate speed to lessen the impact of slices and hooks


  • Insufficient spin for experts.
  • Price per dozen: $24.99

10. Shaved blue golf balls

Golfers wanted an affordable ball that would still perform well on the course, therefore cut golf balls were created. The Cut Blue flies significantly straighter off the tee than other golf balls because it has a lower spin rate. Why not try them out as they only cost $1.66 each ball?


  • The urethane cover is resistant to nicks and scratches.
  • 314 dimples that increase off-the-tee distance
  • meets USGA requirements, allowing you to use them in sanctioned competitions
  • For windy situations, a lower ball flight is ideal.


  • Not as far as other golf balls available on the market.
  • Price per dozen: $19.97

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