14-year-old tiger dies after contracting COVID-19 at zoo

Officials reported that a 14-year-old tiger who contracted COVID-19 at an Ohio zoo passed away from health issues.

"On Wednesday, June 22, Jupiter's care team reported that he was acting unwell. In a post on social media, the zoo stated that the animal "was not interested in eating and was unwilling to stand, move, or communicate with keepers." "When this persisted throughout the following day, Jupiter was put to sleep for analysis and treatment. Initial examinations revealed an infection, therefore therapy was begun.

The officials added, "Unfortunately, Jupiter did not improve with this treatment and remained unwilling to move and eat. "He received more treatments and had more diagnostic tests the next day."

"Jupiter's care crew remembers him as a big and impressive tiger who adored fish, napping in the habitat's cave, interacting with a 75-pound firehouse "plus sign," and playing with cardboard boxes

Jupiter was born on July 9, 2007, at the Moscow Zoo in Russia but eventually ended up at the Columbus Zoo on March 19, 2015, after spending the first half of his life at the Zoo Dvur Kralove in the north of the Czech Republic.

Jupiter leaves quite a legacy and sired nine cubs during his life -- six of which were born at the Columbus Zoo -- which officials say has contributed to the future of Jupiter’s endangered species.

The Columbus Zoo's staff members are required to wear masks whenever they are within six feet of any animal, including cats, great apes, otters, and wolverines, among other species.

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