6 Wines Made With Low-Quality Ingredients

Meiomi Pinot Noir

Even though most wines don't have labels, reports have questioned Meiomi's Pinot Noir and its use of Mega Purple. It's used to deepen red wines and add sweetness, although it's 68% sugar and cheap. Mega Purple can hide a low-quality wine's appearance, fruity flavours, and smoothness, giving the illusion of a top-notch wine.

Beringer Vineyards

Beringer's Vineyards creates reds, whites, and rosés. In 2015, the winery was one of 28 companies sued in California for selling arsenic-tainted wines, Patch said. Arsenic is an odourless, non-organic toxin that can kill.

Frey Organic Natural White

Even if a label says organic, it may include less-than-ideal substances. According to The Drinks Business, Frey Vineyards indicated in 2019 that product contamination is impossible due to glyphosate (weed killer) in rainfall. US PIRG identified pesticide in Frey's Organic Natural White and other organic wines.

Château Giscours

Why do Château Giscours wines cost $150 to $500 a bottle? Sugar, for one. Chaptalization adds sugar to fresh, crushed grapes before fermentation.

Sutter Home

Sutter Home is another winery that's been criticised for utilising dangerous pollutants. The complaining witness in the California arsenic lawsuit (which was filed against 28 wineries) said over 10 Sutter Home wines contained excess arsenic. In several cases, arsenic levels were 500% or greater than the permissible daily threshold.


Barefoot is a popular and economical wine, but vegans shouldn't drink it. Barefoot uses animal products as fining agents to speed up the wine-making process. This can be: Isinglass, Gelatin, Albumin, or Casein (egg whites) (animal milk protein).

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