7 Beers That Taste Better on Draft


People think of Guinness when they hear draught vs. bottle. This beer's chocolate milk-like head is created by pouring it over a spoon. Each bottle has a "smoothifier" metal ball to imitate this, although beer drinkers are better. Everyone agrees. "I don't drink much Guinness, but draught is better than bottle or can."


Redditor asks why restaurant Bud Light tastes better. The answers show how keg vs. bottled beer is treated. Beer in a keg is frequently kept cold, although it's unclear what happens to bottled beer. It could be sunny or cold. Coors Light is notoriously not heat-pasteurized. Micro Matic says domestic bottles and cans are pasteurised but kegs are not. The beer must be refrigerated at 38°F to prevent deterioration, thus it's "fresher" than bottled beer.

Cream Genesee

One of the country's oldest brewers makes Genesee Cream Ale. Cream Ale is the brewery's best-seller. First made in 1960, it combines lager and ale properties. According to Bon Appetit, the cream ale style was originated in America. The ale's "creaminess" is a marketing ploy, not a real ingredient.


Heidrick is well-known. Green bottle with red star is instantly recognisable. How many have drafted it? Most say it's so different it may be a new beer. "Drinkable skunk juice on draught," says one. If you can't locate Heineken on draught, try their small draught kegs.


In the same post, another drinker agrees with Heineken and suggests Peroni. "Same with Peroni. The comment states, "Peroni on tap is smooth." This Italian beer may be better on tap, but kegs must be flown from Italy, says another commenter. "I've seen it and it's great." Pale beer is available at authentic Italian eateries.

Natural Light

Natural Light is an inexpensive beer for college students and lawn mowers. Drafting is apparently different. "In college, I drank bottled and keg Natural Light. Keg's bubbles were nicer than canned, the critic says. Even though it wasn't great, they liked the keg.

IPA from Dogfish Head

This IPA's 15-20% ABV is not for the weak. This hoppy beer is for dedicated beer aficionados, who enjoy it on tap. Once a year, therefore it's hard to find. "I've got 120 minutes twice" (both on tap and in the bottle). Good beer. One reviewer said "best on tap." Another said, "If you can draught, it's life-changing. Different than the bottle."

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