About 500,000 people have left the U.S. workforce owing of COVID.

According to a recent analysis from the National Bureau of Economic Research, lengthy COVID has resulted in the permanent disappearance of about 500,000 workers from the American labour force.

Based on federal and state level data on cases and fatalities, the survey discovered that the majority of individuals who have experienced the virus's aftereffects for months after infection transitioned directly from illness to retirement.

Many people who get sick but recover from COVID-19 experience ongoing health issues, according to the authors. Due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19 diseases, about 500,000 persons "are neither working nor actively looking for job."

According to a recent Brookings Institution analysis, up to 4 million people are unable to work due to COVID symptoms.

Though the number of people testing at home, where data are not collected, is likely larger, known COVID cases in the United States are continuing to decline and are now at their lowest level since early May.

According to a New York Times tracker, the number of new cases per day averaged 64,598 on Tuesday, a 29% decrease from two weeks prior.

Hospital admissions decreased 10% daily on average to 34,076 while daily fatalities decreased 8% to 437. According to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins, the number of confirmed cases worldwide increased to over 609.8 million on Wednesday. The number of fatalities also increased to over 6.51 million, with the United States dominating the world with 95.4 million cases and 1,051,303 fatalities.

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