Alcarez hits 'one of the greatest shots EVER' at the US Open

When Carlos Alcaraz hit one of the all-time great shots during his US Open quarterfinal on Wednesday night, it sent social media into a tailspin.

When he made an amazing behind-the-back return in his match against Jannik Sinner, the young Spaniard, who is regarded as the best up-and-coming player on the ATP Tour, had Arthur Ashe on his feet.

Before leaping Alcarez bucked the odds and defied gravity with a twisting backhand to return the ball, his Italian opponent had slammed the ball back at him with a shot that appeared destined to win the point.

After seeing his exploits in New York, the No. 3 seed received plenty of accolades on Twitter, with some calling it the finest shot they had ever seen.

Carlos Alcaraz just hit the best shot I've ever seen in my life, one fan remarked. Another added: "It's almost midnight on the East Coast and Carlos Alcaraz is smashing circus shots in the US Open."

On a more general note, the US Open's official account tweeted: "If this match is the future of men's tennis, we are in for a great era ahead." This sentiment was shared by many.

Sinner, who is only 21 years old, will face off against him for many years to come as the careers of Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic draw to a close.

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