Amazon is eliminating 2 facilities with 300 staff and cancelling 42 new structures.

Over 300 employees will receive employment offers from Amazon once two sites in Baltimore are closed. Amazon has to stop expanding its extensive delivery network. According to a consultancy firm, the e-commerce behemoth has cancelled plans for 42 new US sites, according to Bloomberg.

According to local news source WMAR-2, the e-commerce giant revealed on Wednesday that it was closing two delivery facilities in Baltimore that collectively employ more than 300 employees.

A representative for Amazon told WMAR-2 that the corporation will give station employees the option of switching to other delivery locations nearby. There are "many" other stations, the representative stated, without specifying how many.

According to Bloomberg, MWPVL International Inc., a consulting company that monitors Amazon's real estate purchases Amazon cancelled 42 facility openings in the US and postponed the opening of 21 more.

A 700,000-square-foot building in Nebraska that is almost finished being built was already put on hold by the corporation, delaying its opening until 2024.

According to Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky, the corporation currently has a surplus of space after the pandemic caused its real estate empire to inflate due to an increase in demand.

However, Amazon is not limiting every aspect of its operations. According to Friday's report from Insider's Eugene Kim, the corporation has been inviting vendors to a new trial programme made to preserve goods for longer periods of time. Amazon has typically prioritised quick turnaround stock, but this new initiative suggests it is aiming to gain a greater market share in the warehouse sector.

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