Biden urges Putin not to use tactical nuclear arms in Ukraine

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In an interview with CBS News that will appear on Sunday, US President Joe Biden encouraged Russian President Vladimir Putin not to deploy tactical nuclear or chemical weapons in the wake of failures in Ukraine.

This week, the military of Ukraine routtened Russian forces in the country's northeast, placing Putin under pressure from nationalists at home to retake the initiative.

Putin has threatened that if Russian soldiers are subjected to additional pressure, Moscow will retaliate more vehemently, prompting fears that he may eventually resort to unconventional measures such tiny nuclear or chemical weapons.

a question "When asked by a 60 Minutes reporter what advice he would give Putin if he were thinking about using such weapons, Biden said, "Don't. Don't. The face of battle would be altered unlike anything since World War Two, "in a segment of the interview that CBS released on Saturday

The US response, according to Biden, would be "consequential," but he opted not to elaborate. According to Biden, Russia "would become more of a pariah in the world than they have ever been." What will happen would depend on how far they go with their actions.

Putin's threat of nuclear warfare

Putin made a covert but obvious threat to deploy nuclear weapons if the West interfered in what he has called a "special military operation" when he announced the invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

Other options for Putin include calling up Russia's reserves, which total roughly 2 million troops, and exerting pressure on Europe to coerce Ukraine into a ceasefire by freezing the area during winter by forbidding all energy exports.

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