Burger King's Gross Limited-Time Menu Item

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If you order a Whopper at Burger King, you'll probably get one. You'll get a regular Whopper like everyone else. Just lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese, no whipped cream, fried fish, or chocolate sauce.

Burger King has some odd menu items. In 2015, Burger King released a Whopper with a black bun for Halloween, which had a terrible side effect.

In 2019, the chain decided to advertise to consumers suffering from sadness or apathy with its "Real Meals."

USA Today reported that customers could choose "Salty Meals" and "DGAF Meals." Burger King's new burger wasn't well-received.

Burger King in Germany seemed to eschew conventional (or edible) meals. Gizmodo depicts Whoppers with whipped cream, ice cream, and olives, fried herring with currywurst, and beef-topped raspberry torte.

These surprising products aren't standard menu options at German Burger King. Brand Eating says it was part of a marketing targeting pregnant women with cravings.

Burger King launched a poll to determine what cravings and unusual meal combinations are most popular and transformed the most popular cravings into Whoppers.

According to Twisted, the burgers were offered for one day in Berlin, where they were well-received. Why not feed pregnant women fish sticks and applesauce on burgers?

Most online users thought Burger King sold these things year-round, mocking the unusual Whoppers in the notion that this is what German fast-food enthusiasts ate.

Fast food has targeted pregnant women before. Sydney McDonald's released a commercial in 2020 showing a pregnant daughter eating soft serve with pickles.

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