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Caitlyn Jenner Backs LPGA Golfer: Sports World Reacts

Caitlyn Jenner, a former American Olympian, has criticised transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, but she feels differently about an LPGA golfer.

Jenner, a decathlete who had a gender transition, came out in favour of transgender golfer Hailey Davidson.

Davidson is vying for a spot on the LPGA Tour. Jenner thinks Davidson is acting fairly.

“I’ve been very consistent with how I’ve tried to approach these transgender athletes. It really depends on the sport. Every sport is different,” Jenner said. “

We noticed with Lia Thomas that she had had masculine puberty and had a larger cardiovascular system, so it was obviously unfair. Thankfully, we prevailed on that one.

Not everyone agrees, though. "I can’t see how it’s any different at all!" one fan wrote.

"Absolutely no difference," another fan added. Davidson, meanwhile, is appreciative of the support.

In respect to how we are athletes and how her experience might not be shared by everyone, I would want to speak with her further, Davidson added.

"The experiences and physical makeup of each person vary. She must be pretty big and strong considering what she was trained for."

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