China’s Chengdu Extends Lockdown as Covid Persists in Megacity

The majority of Chengdu, a western city in China with 21 million citizens, continued to be under lockdown, while Shenzhen, a southern technology hub, continued to have movement restrictions as Covid-19's tentacles continued to expand throughout the nation.

According to the local authorities, Chengdu's indoor entertainment venues, indoor dining establishments, and schools are all still closed. In order to reach "Covid Zero in the community as quickly as feasible," the city will continue mass-testing until Wednesday, according to a statement released late Sunday night.

On September 1, as many as 103 cities in 26 provinces reported cases, which is the largest since the beginning of 2020 when the pandemic was just getting started, according to Caixin. China reported 1,552 infections across the country on Monday, with 140 of those coming from Chengdu.

Lockdowns everywhere demonstrate how local governments are adhering to the Covid Zero plan authorised by President Xi Jinping, especially as the Chinese Communist Party meeting, when he is anticipated to secure a record-breaking third term as leader, approaches.

Spreading Lockdowns

The effects of Chengdu's anti-Covid actions are beginning to be felt. It is the sixth-biggest city in China, contributes 1.7% of the country's GDP, and is home to many automakers and IT firms, including Volkswagen AG, Volvo Car AB, and Foxconn Technology Group, the largest iPhone manufacturer in the world.

Leaving Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, is discouraged by the authorities, who only permit it in the event that a Covid test is negative within 24 hours. On Monday, Sichuan discovered 185 cases in total, in addition to other places that are under lockdown.

Negative Tests

Following the lockdown of more than half of the city's districts last week, Shenzhen reported 71 local infections on Monday. Health officials announced on Sunday that tiered control techniques, which let locations without recent community infections relax some restrictions, will start being used on Monday. Case numbers have considerably decreased.

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