Elon Musk Makes a Major Promise to Iranians and Cubans

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The CEO of Tesla Inc. (TSLA) is Get Tesla Inc. On Twitter, one of the social media sites where trendsetters and opinion leaders congregate, news is frequently broken, and agendas are determined, Report has more than 106.2 million followers.

Only four persons have more: Rihanna (108.9 million), Justin Bieber (114 million), Katy Perry (108.9 million), and former president of the United States Barack Obama (133 million) (106.6 million).

The richest man in the world—whose net worth was valued at $268 billion as of September 19 by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index—has also turned into a symbol of freedom for millions of people who live under dictatorships through the telecom service provider Starlink.

Independent Access to the World

The visionary CEO is viewed as someone who can help people who are behind the curve in technology advancements catch up with the rest of the world.

Musk's SpaceX offers a satellite internet connection service called Starlink that ensures private and secure internet access. It is challenging to hack. Few services are ever cut.

Residents of places that are poorly served by the fixed and mobile networks of telecom companies can now access the internet. The service is made possible by thousands of tiny satellites in low orbit, mostly 342 miles (550 km) above the Earth.

The efficiency of Starlink thwarted Russia's intentions for military communications, infuriating Russian authorities to the point where they threatened to react. In response, Musk argued that Starlink is a tool for promoting peace.

Starlink in Iran and Cuba?

In light of this, Musk recently pledged to Iranian and Cuban citizens that SpaceX will ask the American government for an exception so that he can offer Starlink in these two sanctioned nations.

After Musk declared that Starlink was now accessible on all five continents, including Antarctica, a user on Twitter posed a query that served as the catalyst for the entire situation.

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