Maglev car technology tested on highway in east China

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On December 30, 2021, traffic moves along the Changzhou-Wuxi Highway in Jiangsu Province, east China. (Image credit: Zhu Jipeng/Xinhua)

A 2.8-tonne automobile that floats 35 millimetres above the road and travels on a roadway in Jiangsu Province, east China, was used in a test of the maglev vehicle technology.

NANJING, Sept. 10 (Xinhua)

The car, which was created by Chengdu's Southwest Jiaotong University, was altered from a conventional vehicle. The car might levitate thanks to the installation of a permanent magnet array and the installation of good conductor rail in the road.

According to university professor Deng Zigang, the development of maglev vehicles will be a priority in the future. He expects the technology will help cut down on energy consumption and extend the range of automobiles.

On the same day, a second road test was done, this time at 200 kph speeds. Eight vehicles in total, five of which were new energy vehicles, were put through their paces on a 7.9 kilometre stretch of the highway with a top speed of about 230 kph.

The experiments, which were planned by the provincial transport authorities, had as their goal the research of high-speed driving safety precautions and road design.

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