Midnight Mania: Cheating? What Cheating?!?

One of the best knockouts of the year was achieved by Leon Edwards against Kamaru Usman in the last seconds with a Hail Mary head kick (HIGHLIGHTS). The winner of the main event of UFC 278 appeared to be a lock, but Edwards surprised the title and reversed all of his earlier gains by firing just in time.

However, there is a small amount of disagreement about the victory. Even though Usman himself didn't moan after losing, UFC analyst Chael Sonnen has contended that Edwards cheated in the fight's opening stages.

The action was briefly interrupted by an eye poke, and Edwards did lose position for clutching the fence at one point (which doesn't look good given his history with Belal Muhammad).

Sonnen's argument may have some validity, but UFC President Dana White disagrees that it accurately captures what transpired. Instead, he fully attributes the success to that magical left kick.

White remarked, "He became champion with a head kick" (via MMA Junkie). By clutching the barrier, he did not succeed. Except for a few minutes in the first round, he was completely outmatched throughout the entire fight.

He was clearly outplayed, so for Chael Sonnen to suggest that is wholly unfair. With just a few seconds left in the bout, that boy swallowed his pride, dug deep, and delivered a head kick that was practically flawless.

It's also important to note that both fighters were engaging in some dirty play. Usman was grabbing the cage and gloves by himself, and it's debatable whether or not he received an unfair break following a low punch that was ruled to land more in the midsection.

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