NFL legend Terry Bradshaw selling his 744-acre ranch for $22.5 million

Terry Bradshaw, a Hall of Famer in the NFL, is selling his expansive ranch and its 744 acres.

You can emulate the lifestyle of a football expert, television personality, four-time Super Bowl champion, two-time MVP, and three-time Pro Bowler.

All you have to do to get the property is pay $22.5 million. The Dallas Morning News, which is covering the deal, claims this.

It's important to remember that Bradshaw has attempted to sell the estate before without success.

It would make sense if it were having trouble selling as well. Sure, the property has a lovely, rustic 600-square-foot main house as well as a functioning horse and cow ranch, 

but how many individuals have $22.5 million lying around to spend on that kind of investment—especially in the current economic climate?

We'll see if Bradshaw succeeds in getting a job this time. Maybe we can pool our resources to see if we can scrape up a down payment from everyone who ever reads this.

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