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Nvidia is about to make a big announcement during a difficult time

Nvidia Corp. faces a much more troublesome environment from the last time it launched a new chip architecture as it approaches a new launch.

Nvidia's fall GTC event begins Monday; CEO Jensen Huang will speak Tuesday at 11 a.m. In May 2020, Huang unveiled a new chip architecture at the same event. 

Analysts expect he will use this year's event to unveil the company's next-generation chip architecture code-named "Lovelace" after 19th-century English mathematician Ada Lovelace, considered the world's first computer programmer for her work on Charles Babbage's theoretical Analytical Engine.

Pandemic-era demand has halved Nvidia's stock price this year. The corporation recently took a $1.22 billion inventory charge before the launch.

Ampere was introduced two months into the COVID-19 pandemic, amid significant demand for gaming cards. The stock gained 122% in 2020, compared to a 51% rise on the PHLX Semiconductor Index. 

Nvidia is launching during a consumer tech depression, and its stock has lost 55% year to date, compared to a 35% dip on the SOX index.

Sharp reduction in demand and supply-chain challenges helped catapult the data-center to be Nvidia's largest segment with $3.81 billion quarterly revenue contribution, a 61% year-over-year growth, vs a 33% fall in gaming revenues to $2.04 billion from a year earlier.

Citi Research analyst Atif Malik, who has a buy rating on Nvidia, anticipates Lovelace-based gaming processors to be available in October.

Malik predicted data-center growth will decline in the April-ending quarter. Tom's Hardware reported that Nvidia's "Hopper" H100 GPU is 4.5 times quicker than its A100, using MLCommons data.

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