Putin Forces 'Confused' by Ukraine Strikes, Headed for Surrender: General

A veteran American general has predicted that Russian soldiers will capitulate in Ukraine's strategically important city of Kherson.

Since Kherson became the first significant city to fall during Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine in March, the area has been nearly totally governed by Russian forces. A counteroffensive has been initiated by Ukrainian forces to retake the vital port city.

On Monday, retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Mark Hertling offered his opinion on a soldier from Ukraine's front lines video depicting demolished Russian fortifications in Kherson.

The clip showed "very bad military discipline" and "terrible fieldcraft/training," according to Hertling's interpretation on Twitter. According to Hertling, it appeared that lower-level leadership was in trouble while senior leaders remained silent. He claimed that in the meantime, morale was declining and the risk of illness was growing.

In another Twitter conversation, Hertling provided more in-depth tactical thoughts. He stated that utilising a combination of long- and short-range artillery strikes, Special Operations Troops, small unit teams, and resistance warfare, Ukrainian forces had started "shaping operations," or neutralising the enemy's capacity to influence their moves.

The big Russian army in Kherson has a river at its back and few supply routes, thus shifting a counteroffensive there was a "excellent" move, in Hertling's opinion. In the last days, Ukraine has attacked Russian forces while destroying the bridges with the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARs).

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