Sarah Palin Loses Special Election, Any and All Relevance

Sarah Palin was defeated by Democratic opponent Mary Peltola in the special election to fill Alaska's lone congressional seat on Wednesday, saving the United States from having to send the former Republican vice-presidential nominee to Washington for a second time.

Former state legislator Peltola represents the state in Congress for the first time as a Native American, a woman, and a Democrat since 1972. Before running for reelection in November, she will complete the final months of the late Republican Rep.

Don Young's term. (Young served Alaska in Congress from 1973 until his death in March at the age of 88.)

Following the results, Peltola told reporters, "What's most significant is that I'm an Alaskan being sent to represent all Alaskans. "Yes, being an Alaska Native is a part of who I am, but who I am goes far beyond my nationality."

Nevertheless, Palin primarily leaned on her image as a political outcast during her campaign, which seems to have backfired horribly. "We have endured mockery, ridicule, false accusations, and orders to quiet down.

The former governor of Alaska and running mate of Sen. John McCain has positioned her candidacy as her great political comeback, so Palin's defeat is a huge setback for her.

Voters were able to rank candidates in the special election, the first of its sort in the state, when the polls initially opened on August 16. By winning over 52% of the vote after 99% of the precincts had been counted, Peltola defeated both Palin and Republican Nicholas Begich III. From 1999 through 2009, she served in the Alaska House.

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