Shohei Ohtani has already mastered brand new pitch Yankee closer shocked him with


Shohei Ohtani's readiness to take on the role of designated hitter practically amounts to a learning experience for the pitcher with the fifth-best ERA in the American League.

He can begin considering how to incorporate something other pitchers do at the bat that catches him off surprise into his own game.

Just a few days prior, Ohtani was forced to check the speed in real-time on the scoreboard after being taken off guard by a 100 MPH sinker from Yankees closer Clay Holmes.

Ohtani, who didn't previously have a sinker in his arsenal, worked on that pitch all season and made it public shortly before facing Holmes. The fact that he has already hit that pace, though, suggests that the 100 MPH pitch may have given him even more motivation.

Now? With it, he's reaching 100 mph. Oh, and this occurred in the very same game that Holmes hit 100 runs with a sinker at the plate.

Shohei Ohtani hits 100 MPH with brand new sinker

Ignore Ohtani's exceptional skill level and the fact that he plays both sides of the ball. It is absolutely crazy and entertaining to witness how eager he is to pick up new skills and improve his game in the middle of a season at the top level conceivable. There might not be another player who is more devoted to the game and who strives for total victory.

He's unfortunate to be a member of the Angels, who despite having talented players like Ohtani and Mike Trout as the core of their lineup, can't seem to put together a good team.

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