Someone impersonating Selma Blair mailed Drew Barrymore poison pen letters.

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In order to sabotage Selma Blair's friendship with Drew Barrymore, someone in her inner circle had some rather wicked motives.

When the Legally Blonde actress discovered through an investigator that someone was sending "poison pen letters" to Barrymore using her name, she recalls experiencing both "heartbreak" and "horror."

In a backstage interview, the actress claimed, "I hear from a detective who says, 'We know this is not you, but someone has been writing letters to Drew Barrymore, numerous poison pen letters written by Selma Blair.'"

Blair claimed in her autobiography Mean Baby: A Guide to Growing Up that the letters, which tormented the actress for years and cost her many jobs, were the work of her late father Elliot Beitner's girlfriend.

Blair said that she was labelled as a "violent and dangerous person who nursed a vengeance towards Drew Barrymore" in a specific note she submitted to Universal Pictures.

In the end, Blair said to Barrymore on the programme, "I found out that it was someone linked with my father and he was letting this information get to her."

The two "never had a true make up," she said, adding, "I mean, my whole adult life after that, after I found out it was him, I had to shut him out." She said her father, who passed away in 2012, ultimately accepted fault but that they "never had a real make up."

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