Spain female players to quit national team over coach

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After their request for a coaching change was denied by the Spanish federation on Thursday, fifteen female soccer players are anticipated to leave Spain's national team.

The 15 players reportedly sent the federation similar emails stating that they would leave the team if Jorge Vilda was not removed.

Both the "problem" and the players who made the demand were left vague by the federation. Alexia Putellas, the Ballon d'Or winner, was reportedly not one of them, according to Spanish media.

According to the federation, "These kinds of moves are damaging and are not consistent with the values of football and athletics."

It mentioned in its statement that, in accordance with Spanish law, declining a call from a national team is regarded as a serious offence that might result in penalties ranging from two to five years.

The federation declared that "this is more than just a sporting issue; it's a matter of dignity." "This is a circumstance that has never happened before in the history of football, male or female, in Spain or anywhere else in the globe."

They needed "dedicated players who will proudly defend the colours of the Spanish shirt," according to the statement.

In a recent press conference, the players expressed their desire for some adjustments to be made to the national team but stopped short of demanding Vilda be fired.

The head of the federation, Luis Rubiales, is a notorious hardliner who frequently has disagreements with other Spanish soccer leaders.

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