The Origins of the 15 Spookiest Halloween Monsters

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A full moon, an overcast sky, a chilly wind, and tales of creatures we pray we never have to face should make for the ideal Halloween night.

Halloween's creepy creatures

But who created these witches, ghouls, and monsters for Halloween?

Halloween has a complicated history that isn't as clear-cut as you might expect given the number of blood-curdling creatures that attend the celebration.

Halloween monsters serve as an outlet for our most fundamental fears and mirror human explanations for the unknown.

They frequently serve as the main characters in the best Halloween films for a reason (yes, even the Halloween movies for kids).

We dare you to study the real-life tales that provided the inspiration for these monsters if you enjoy hearing ghost stories and spooky Halloween tales.

Continue reading as we "dig up" the secrets of supernatural beings, from ancient stories to modern versions, to learn the hidden origins of Halloween monsters.

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