This French Chinese Dessert Bar Makes Sweet Fruit-Shaped Mousse


On Spring Mountain Road, a brand-new dessert restaurant has opened, delivering enticing airy delights, teas with impossible hues, and unexpectedly savoury entrees.

The new dessert establishment offers light and creamy mousse shaped like xiao long bao and strawberries as well as desserts in the French and Chinese dessert styles.

NXT, the company that owns the eateries, was founded by Joyce Li, who claims that when she first launched the Meet Fresh site there at 3930 Spring Mountain Road five years ago, it wasn't a great fit for the neighbourhood.

Li and chef Qi Guan, who studied pastry in Paris, created a dessert menu for the new restaurant without the starchy flavours that Li believed some diners were turned off by.

A tea menu includes iced beverages with vibrant dragon fruit, pistachio, and taro in addition to hot loose-leaf teas. Additionally, savoury dishes like wagyu sliders and crackers topped with foie gras, caviar, and strawberries take inspiration from X-kitchen. Pot's

High tea-inspired menus with selections of gorgeous macarons, two-person matcha mousse cakes, taro puffs, and other treats are also available. With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, the cafe is also producing mooncakes.

About 50 people can be seated in the counter-service diner at the Chinatown cafe, which has a wall covered in pink silk flowers and ceiling-mounted cloud mobiles.

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