‘Chicago Fire’ Reportedly Shuts Down Production After Shooting Occurs Near Set

A narrow escape. According to reports, filming on the Chicago Fire set abruptly stopped after a gunshot took place a few blocks away from the NBC drama.

According to CWB Chicago, a shooter opened fire from a spot just across from where the show was being filmed on Madison Street on Chicago's West Side.

No one from the production was hurt, despite the shooting purportedly taking place as the drama's cast was in the middle of a take, and the shooter seemed to drive away in a black SUV. Police are currently looking into what happened.

The three procedurals have lately been in the news several times, including late last month when P.D. revealed that original cast member Jesse Lee Soffer would leave the crime drama after its upcoming 10th season.

The In Time star expressed his gratitude to devoted viewers on social media in the hours following the news' release. I just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone of my supporters. We do it for you people, that's why! It has been a privilege. Love you all," he stated at the moment on Twitter.

The actor from New York has been a main character on the popular series since it debuted in 2014. He made his acting debut as Detective Jay Halstead in Chicago Fire's season 2 premiere the year before.

It broke my heart to announce that Tuesday passed away on Sunday, May 22, due to unforeseen kidney complications, wrote Tuesday's trainer Christine Mahaney in a post on social media at the time.

"The love from you, Tuesday's fans, over the past 4 years has been incredible," the post said. You will always love letting her into your homes and hearts. Tuesday cherished being a member of the Chicago Fire family and working on the set.

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